Internet of Things

Internet of Things

Swarm-IoT is secured, ready to use and scalable RESTFul API / MQTT / Serverless IoT Platform with IoT Endpoint and Gateway which works over various communication interfaces like WIFI / M2M / LAN / Bluetooth5.

Swarm-IoT platform enables you the capability to acquire, control and analyze data from IoT devices safely and securely over 2G/3G/4G-M2M, WIFI, BLE, LAN, LPWAN interfaces. Our end-to-end IoT solution is designed for practically any industry, be it energy, Healthcare, Home Automation, Manufacturing, Industry 4.0 or Agriculture.

Data Communication

Swarm-IoT NodeX provides easy interface to quickly connect your sensor data channels to cloud over Digital IO, UART, ADC and MODBUS/ RS-485 using AXCESS Gateway.


Swarm-IoT has built-in safeguards to secure all user data from unwanted third party intrusions and hacks. AXCESS Gateway is equipped with industry standard protocols to ensure a secure and fast communication of your device data with cloud.

Rules, Alarms & Alerts

Utilize Swarm-IoT’s quick alert system providing invaluable information sent directly to your phone or Email. You can config the contact details and set the threshold.

Analytics & Machine Learning

Swarm-IoT offers data visualisation to get insights. Swarm-IoT ’s integrated AI with data analytics, processes all data and accurately projects future trends or dataset.

With Mobility App

Customize and control your devices through Mobile apps. Swarm-IoT gives you full freedom to design your own mobile app centered around your requirements to monitor and control.

Scalable Platform

Swarm-IoT lets you scale from prototype to thousand of devices in just a few weeks time (serverless IoT platform) and millions of device in couple of months time

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